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We offer personalized one-on-one consulting services to enhance the skills of individuals at various levels of development.  Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or an established company with several employees, our consulting services are customized to meet the needs of the individual and the organization.

We combine over twenty years of experience in psychology, organizational design, human resource development, management, business development, and personal exploration to assist you in finding the right answers for you and your business.  Our consulting services are designed around your needs, your personal style, your schedule and your business goals.

As a consultant, trainer and coach our mission is to:

  • Believe in you and your potential even when you don't.
  • Assess where you are in the moment - mentally, physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally.
  • Work with you to create a road map as to where you want to be today, tomorrow and in the future.
  • Develop strategies to assist you in overcoming your defenses and road blocks to success.
  • Work with you as an individual to find what works for you.
  • Assist you in bringing your ideas to life and to reach beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Growth Areas

The following is a working list of learning areas that we use to design a customized consulting session for you and your organization's leaders:

  • Strategies to improve communication and listening skills
  • Team Building
  • Life Transitions
  • Conflict Management
  • Idea Clarification
  • Supervision training

How it works

  • Initial consultation to discuss your goals and to determine if there is a fit.  If we are not the right consultant for you,  we will connect you with other consultants and coaches that might be a better fit.  The initial one hour consultation is free of charge.
  • Assess where you are today and where you would like to be at the end of the coaching process.
  • Estimate the number of sessions needed to reach your goal (s).
  • Set-up a regular meeting schedule and get started.
  • A mid and final report will be included in the process to give you an overview of your progress.  A self-assessment will be included in this process.



I have been working with Lori  for many years in the way of personal and business coaching.  She is effective in her interpersonal skills, psychological background and highly developed intuition.  She brings all this to play with years of experience and practical knowledge to be used in everyday situations.  Combine this with her humble spirit and she is capable of helping anyone develop personally and professionally.

P. Braun
President, Granny's Kitchen
St. Cloud, MN




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